Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Last week my mom celebrated her birthday! Yay! She decided to throw a small BBQ. I was all down for that. My gift of course was to make my mom's BIRTHDAY CAKE! My family loves my chocolate cake but I wanted to do something different and something everyone would agree on. I decided on a 4 Layer open face Strawberry Custard with Whipped Cream! Oh man I wonder why I never made this before. It was a success and mom loved her cake.

I baked my favorite vanilla bean yellow cake and filled the layers with a yummy vanilla been pastry cream, whipped cream and fresh sugared strawberries.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring Feast

I never used to really celebrate Easter. I mean when I was little my mom dressed me up and got my picture taken but we never did easter eggs and hunts. Nor was there a big feast like celebration. Matthew and his family do it the good ole fun way and for the past 3 years its become a holiday I look forward to.

Kei gets pretty protective over the eggs.

We usually get together first to color eggs. Then we bring them down to Matthew's grandparents down in Dunellen, NJ where we set up the hunt and prep for some major eating. I love homes that look like they are truly lived in. Memories on every wall.

I wanted to bake something nice and springy. I was fishing through favorite blogs and came across a very yummy looking idea. My daughter, Kei, loves the lemon cake at Starbuck's. While reading through Julia's blog over at DozenFlours I totally set my mind on her http://dozenflours.com/2009/04/better-than-starbucks-lemon-pound-cake.html. Oh the cake looked so yummy and it needed no extract just lemons! I loved the texture and the taste...it was perfect. I definitely hope to make it again.

I have to bring attention to Matt's mom, Linda, and her amazing skills in Baked Mac & Cheese! Oh man its beautiful!Our lovely hosts...Mr. and Mrs Mitchell aka Mom-more and Pop Pop

Another lovely Easter!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Here it goes...

So I thought I would give this whole blog thing another shot. I love reading others and just wanted to become apart of all the fun. I recently attained a whole load of free time. I lost my job! Woohoo! Not the reaction you were expecting? Yeah I get it. Oh well new beginnings and I am actually really excited. Its liberating! I am an art student and will forever be a sugar lover. So hopefully I can keep up a log of things I find cute and cool.

This is Matthew. The love of my life. We been together for over 3 years but we really first met in HS. He was the boy I got dressed for in the morning to try and catch his eye at school that day. After we started dating...he claimed that he totally remembered me. Everytime he looked up it seemed I was there smiling. LOL That's because I stalked him for over 3 years. We shared our first phone call followed by a date a week later and he moved in one month after that. See ladies...sometimes the stalking pays off! Here are some of my fave shots of my baby.

Yeah I know we are pretty mushy! Its a beautiful love story. I am sooooo thankful.
We actually have tons of fun together and isn't that really important? Yeah it is.