Saturday, May 9, 2009

Babycakes Bakebook!

SO my new cookbook arrived in the mail this week! Babycakes. It's is from a bakery in Soho, NYC that bakes vegan, gluten-free and (mostly) sugar free delicious desserts! Its retro, cute, and amazing! My best friend Lonna and I had lunch here a few months ago. I been making cupcakes for years. It all started at Magnolia when I was 21 years old. Working there was an awakening to the amazingness of the cupcake. Every job since has stressed the importance of yummy cupcakes. Anyways I had a carrot cupcake at Babycakes and it was the best cupcake I had ever had! I couldn't believe it was vegan and gluten-free! I actually went home that night and pre-ordered a copy for me and for my best friend.

The book is full of beautiful pictures and I love that in a good cookbook. There's recipes for pies, cookies, cakes, and muffins. As for the recipes, they are easy looking to follow. The only hard part I think is just finding all the special ingredients but I got most of mine at Whole Foods and my local health food store. I have to say that one of the recipes I was most most curious about was their amazing vanilla frosting. It had the best consistency. One of the ingredients was coconut flour which I wasn't able to find anywhere. I decided to not make the frosting without all the ingredients it called for. I substituted vegan cream cheese frosting on the carrot cupcakes which was delish but I really wanted to do the original it called for. If anyone ever finds coconut flour let me know! My only other concern was the cost of the ingredients. These are expensive cupcakes! Coconut oil which is the main fat in all the recipes goes for around $15 a lb and agave is about $6-$7 a lb. But if this is what your looking for believe me tracking down the ingredients is well worth it! The results are soooo yummy! Here were my cupcakes from my first book baking!

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